Cabinet Refinishing – A Guide to Removing Cabinet Scratch and Dents

Cabinet refinishing is a process that allows homeowners to modify the look of their cabinets, making them look new again. Refinishing can also increase the durability of cabinets and allow you to add a protective layer to a worn cabinet. The results can be a dramatic upgrade to the aesthetics of your home.

During cabinet refinishing, you can choose to paint or stain the cabinet. Paint can give a clean white finish, whereas stain can highlight the natural wood grain. A professional can help you decide on which finish is best for your cabinets.

Before you begin your refinishing project, it is important to ensure that your cabinets are in good condition. If your cabinet has large cracks, scratches, or dents, you might want to consider replacing it. Otherwise, you can try to repair the damage by using wood filling. Wood filling can be made from old wood or wax. This filling is applied onto the scratches and dents. When it dries, you should buff it with a lint-free cotton cloth. It is important that the wood is smooth and that the direction of the wood grain is consistent.

After the damage has been repaired, you can apply a coat of primer. Primer is a colorless coating that will bond to your cabinet. Sanding the surface of your cabinet will help the primer to bond to the wood, ensuring that the primer does not flake prematurely.

After a thorough cleaning, sanding, and priming, your cabinets should be ready for painting or staining. Cabinet refinishing professional typically use spray guns or sprayers to spread paint on uneven surfaces. These tools apply an even layer of coating and spread it quickly.

Cabinet refinishing can be a cost effective way to update the appearance of your cabinets and make them last longer. It is a popular option among homeowners as it provides many benefits. For example, it can give your kitchen a fresher and more spacious feel. Additionally, it can increase the value of your home. In addition, it can change the colour and style of your cabinets.

Compared to painting, refinishing requires less work. Refinishing can take as little as a few days to complete. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you will need to know how to sand, prime, and paint a cabinet. You will also need to remove all the hardware on the cabinets and doors.

You can buy mineral spirits at your local hardware store. Make sure that you only use the spirits in a well-ventilated area. Mineral spirits are dangerous if you breathe them in. They are also sold at your local paint supply store.

To prevent your refacing from destroying your cabinets, it is important to find a reputable refacing company. Ask questions about their past projects and whether they offer additional services. Ensure that they have a solid customer base and a proven track record. Some companies include hinges and soft closer drawers with their refacing packages. For more details on cabinet refinishing visit the nearest St. Petersburg Handyman in your area.